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Students have even more incentive to ‘Prompose’

With the long-awaited prom season coming into full swing, LHS Student Council has upped the ante when it comes to the high-stakes game of asking someone to prom.

‘Promposals’, or the fine art of locating a prom date, have long been grand events. Teenage boys have been required to pull out their best tricks and pyrotechnics all in the hopes of securing a lovely companion for the evening.

Now, however, the rewards may be even greater as Student Council seeks to reward students who have the best ‘Promposal’, with either a $40 gift card to Chipotle or a free prom ticket.

“It’s really just fun,” said junior Student Council member Katrina Froelich. “It’s just another good reason to ask someone to prom, and who knows, you could win,” said Froelich.

The committee, composed of teachers and faculty members, will meet on the Friday before prom to decide on the winners. The winning entries will be announced during the pep assembly.

With new incentive, students have plenty of reasons to come up with elaborate ways of asking a date. Not only will they score a hot date, but will be in the running for $40 worth of burritos.

‘Promposal’ entries can be sent to littletonpromposals@gmail.com