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Keep on singing Bruce Springsteen

While shifting through antiques at an estate sale last summer, I stumbled upon a single CD covered in dust. Intrigued, I went over and was introduced to Mr. Bruce Springsteen and his deep, distinctive voice.

What better was is there to pay homage to Born in the U.S.A. singer than celebrate his 65th birthday by listening to one of his greatest albums? On September 23 make sure to YouTube, Spotify, or download the album Tunnel of Love (1987) and jam out to a beautifully written masterpiece varying from the travesties of love to the commitment and joys found in camaraderie.  Bruce’s folksy-meets-old-school-rock-and-roll voice captures listeners and connects with each song on the album. The album has a great range from Brilliant Disguise, #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1987,  illuminating the hesitation in trusting others to Ain’t Got You, depicting the importance of sharing your great life with some else; and finding a balance for listeners of all generations.

This perfectly simple album showcases Springsteen’s lyrical mastery and his ability to relate to ordinary people and ordinary problems. This rock star is still going strong; having just released his latest album, High Hopes, in January 2014 we can expect more to come from this legend.