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Fashion Friday: How to make your costume fun and appropriate for school

Halloween is the time of year where everyone can dress up to be someone or something they’re not. For many, Halloween brings out the scary, silly and fun. At Littleton High School, we have the fun tradition of coming to school dressed up in costume on Halloween. The rules are simple, no masks and no breaking the dress code. Though many people think dressing up appropriately for Halloween is hard, the truth is, making your costume school appropriate is quite easy.

When it comes to school, dressed in costume or not, it’s always important to make sure skirts and shorts are long enough, shirts are cut high enough and that the back of your outfit covers you fully. Costumes can be cute without being overly suggestive.

As for gore, make sure that you don’t overdo it. You wouldn’t want to disturb or upset someone, and if you do, save it for after school and for your own free time.

Halloween is the time to dress up as someone you’re not, but for school, leave the masks at home so teachers and students can clearly identify who you are.

Not all high schools offer the opportunity to dress up on Halloween, so it’s important that we respect the rules the school gives us so that we may continue to carry out this fun LHS tradition for many more years to come.