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Lions Cross Country goes to the State Championships

The Littleton Lions Cross Country team finished their season this afternoon at the state championships in Colorado Springs at the Penrose Norris Event Center. The team has been working hard to reach this goal and proudly had three members running in today’s state competition after qualifying at regionals. Those three were freshman Addi Icken, junior Collin Cannon and senior Tommy Kail.

“I was really nervous before the race but that is a good thing because it gives me adrenaline” said freshman Addi Icken.

The rush of adrenaline paid off for Addi as she finished her season strong finishing in 53rd place out of two hundred plus competitors.

Junior Collin Cannon is ready for the season of hard work to come to an end, “The team had a very successful season but I’m happy I’ll be able to eat donuts and get fat again. That’s what I look forward to all season,” said Cannon.

Collin especially looked forward to eating a powder sugar, caramel drizzled, funnel cake to celebrate finishing the race and season successfully. Cannon finished in 81st place shortly followed by senior Tommy Kail in 105th place out of two hundred other runners.

The Lions cross country team worked hard all season and their hard work paid off in the state championships. The 2014-2015 cross country season has come to an end and the entire team should be congratulated on a fabulous season!