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Boys varsity soccer advances to quarterfinals

Tonight, October 28, the LHS boys’ soccer team played in the second round of the 2014 playoffs and won with a final score of 1-0. As the second home playoff game, even more supporters came to the LPS stadium to cheer on the athletes in one of the most important games of the season. Due to their win tonight, the team is advancing to quarterfinals and is now seeded as top eight in the state. A tough game, the team was glad to maintain the score throughout the second half.

Head coach Pedja Vajzovic said, “With two even teams it was very tough tonight. We played well, they played well, we scored one goal they didn’t…it could have gone either way.”

With an especially tough second half, the team was grateful to be up one point before halftime due to an assist by senior Sam Korff and a goal by junior Hamadi Abid.

Korff said, “We just high pressured, and Oscar and I trapped them. I took the ball, played Hamadi in and he did what he does best.”

Abid has consistently been one of the team’s top scorers, and made a flawless shot tonight boosting the team’s confidence and excitement. Because the teams were seeded only one spot away from each other (LHS: 8, Durango: 9) it was difficult for anybody to predict the outcome of the game, so both the team and coaches were relieved when the athletes stepped it up and built up their defense to ensure the win.

Senior Hugo Ogilvie said, “I’m just proud of the boys. We kept fighting through it even though they kept attacking us again and again.”

After a rigorous few weeks of non-stop soccer, the team is ready for the quarterfinal game, taking place on Saturday October 28. Their likely opponent will be the Air Academy team, currently ranked as number one in the state. The LHS team has been preparing for the possibility of this game all season, and is ready to play their very best to hopefully advance further into the playoffs.

Junior Cass Chisholm said, “If its Air Academy [that we play] I definitely want to take it to ‘em in their house. We’ve been watching film on them and they look decent but not out of our league. I’m definitely getting ready for Saturday.”

As potentially the final home game of the team’s season the athletes were enthusiastic about both their performance and their hopes for this coming weekend. If Air Academy wins their second round game as well, the LHS soccer team will be headed to Colorado Springs to play the number one team in Colorado.