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Viber – One of the most convenient, useful apps around

Viber is an app that allows you to text, call, and video chat with anyone in the world – for free! It’s by far one of the best apps that I’ve used, and even a year after getting it I continue to be impressed. I was very skeptical when I first heard about it, but it truly met (and surpassed) my expectations! It’s free, and available on iOS, Android, Windows, and desktop computers.

Setup for Viber is exceptionally easy, only taking a couple of minutes or so at the most. You just have to download the app, enter your phone number (which is the only registration you’ll need), enter a confirmation code, and you’re all done! The interface of the app is very user-friendly, making it easy to access your conversations, contacts, and settings at any time. The look of the app is very similar to that of the default Messages app on your phone, keeping you right up your alley.

Viber has an impressive array of features available to use, and all of them work excellently. Once you’re done with setup, Viber automatically syncs with your contact list, so you can start texting or calling anyone else who has Viber right away. When you select one of your contacts from the list, you have the option to call or text them, and for group texts you can have up to ninety-nine people in a conversation at once. Texting works in a nearly identical fashion to your phone’s default texting, and the calling works in the same way. When you text, it’s very easy to take (or select) a photo or video to send, and there’s a fleshed-out set of “stickers” (essentially the same thing as emojis, with a bit more detail) that are included. Extra stickers are available for purchase if you wish to do so,

Calling in Viber is surprisingly easy and the sound is very high quality for the most part! There are a few odd noises that you hear every now and then, but they’re more of a reflection on the connection quality itself rather than the app. Even calls abroad sound great in quality, and although I haven’t utilized the video chat feature that much yet, I’ve heard that it works very well!

Viber also works on computers, which is a very useful extension of the app if you’re just sitting at home. The computer application works smoothly, and although you’ll need some extra things like a mic or a webcam for calling and video chats, you can do everything you can normally do in the app! It’s very easy to connect your computer to your Viber account, as your conversations and contacts are automatically synced between your phone and computer when you connect it.

It should be noted that while Viber itself is completely free, your cell service is not. Viber uses your 3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi signals to connect, and if you have limited data you’ll have to be careful with your usage so as to not rack up charges for excess data usage. While this is a slight downside to the app, it’s one that comes with every other app like it, and it’s fairly easy to avoid this problem altogether if you limit your usage to places where you have WiFi. However, if you have a limited number of texts or minutes with your cell plan, these do not apply to Viber! It only uses your data if you’re unconnected to WiFi, so if you’re constantly connected to WiFi, you can call and text all you want without any restrictions whatsoever.

Viber supports a multitude of languages, from Spanish to Greek to Arabic. This just adds to the accessibility of the app, and is one of its strong suits. I cannot overemphasize to you how well Viber works for long-distance calling and texting! My sister took a trip to Europe last year, and my family and I were able to text and call her without any issues whatsoever. As long as both ends have a pretty good connection, the sound quality is awesome, and texting is near-instantaneous. And we didn’t have to pay international texting or calling fees like usual; we just used Viber, and it was completely free! Viber has made international contact so easy, and there are really no gimmicks that come along with it.

Overall, Viber is an outstanding app that allows you to connect with people anywhere, anytime effortlessly. With this app, long-distance communication has never been easier.