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Solid Grounds: a solid place to grab a bite

It is fair to say that most high school students, especially those who attend LHS, are coffee house buffs. Whether they love the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the warmth of a delectable pastry, it is a rare occasion to find students who are not a fan. Luckily, Solid Grounds Coffee House is less than a mile away from LHS, perfect for students who can drive on their lunch break.

From its simple exterior and strip mall location, Solid Grounds does not look special from the outside. Do not let this influence your opinion, because it has a great interior atmosphere. It is relatively large, and there are always plenty of open tables. There are two large rooms, a fireplace, several couches, a study room, a large meeting table, and a quiet meeting room.Quite frankly, Solid Grounds is the perfect place for a typical high school student, whether they want to eat a quick lunch with friends or to study for hours.

Being a huge fan of coffee houses, I have tried most of them in the Denver area, and in no way am I saying Solid Grounds is my favorite, although I go there a couple of times each week for lunch. Personally, I visit Solid Grounds with such frequency because of its proximity to LHS; I have plenty of time to enjoy one of their delicious burritos or pastries.

The drinks at Solid Grounds are not outstanding, but are still enjoyable. One of my favorite drinks is usually a tea latte, but at Solid Grounds when I order one there is not enough tea for it to be tasty. The coffee is good but is not very strong, and their flavored coffee drinks are not my favorite. They offer Third Street Chai, a concentrate made in Colorado. It is delicious, but it is also available at most grocery stores. They also have a variety of smoothies made from fruit purees, which I have yet to try.

Although not made in house, their food is delicious. They have a plethora of microwave burritos to choose from, along with tasty oatmeal. I have only tried the snicker doodle oatmeal because it is so sweet and yummy that I can not make myself try another. The croissants are good as well, especially the chocolate and almond flavored ones. However, my favorite food is the coconut macaroons; they are the perfect size, and are available plain or covered in chocolate.

The staff at Solid Grounds is a little quirky, yet always friendly and will almost always engage you in conversation. They are whom I would expect to work at in your typical suburban yet hipster coffee joint.  Overall, Solid Grounds is a reliable, quick, and delicious place to grab lunch. Although one of the most important aspects, the drinks, falls behind the standards of other coffee places, the ambiance and food make Solid Grounds a solid place to eat.

Solid Grounds is located on 6504 S Broadway, just a few minutes south of LHS.

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