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The “Ticos” arrive at DIA

On Friday, January 9th, 25 Costa Ricans, or ticos, were met at Denver International Airport by LHS families. The students attend school at Liceo Experimental Bilingüe Jose Figueres Ferrer, LHS’s sister school in Cartago, Costa Rica. Many of the LHS students hosting Costa Ricans visited Costa Rica last year; and many of them stayed with the people they are hosting now.

“My tico Juan Solano was the kid that I stayed with when I went to Costa Rica last summer. We got along very well, so I’m very happy to have him stay with me this time,” said senior Nathan Schultz.

There were two parts of last summer’s trip: a one week home-stay and a week long tour of the country. Now, LHS students have the experience to show Costa Rican students around Colorado.

“I’m most excited for showing my tico around the city and the state and letting him experience some of the things he has never experienced before, like snow and the Denver area,” said Schultz.

With activities occurring almost daily, the Costa Ricans will be kept busy, attending events from court side Nuggets games to skiing and ice skating.

“I am most excited to go to the Grizzly Rose and Red Rocks,” said junior Anna Sonju.

Sonju, who is hosting Lohana Bustillos, also visited Costa Rica last summer.

The Costa Ricans and LHS students visit each other every other year. They will be in Colorado for the next three weeks, going on daily excursions and getting to know the city.