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Student Council Ventures to Tri School

Tri School is an annual tradition where the three high schools in LPS come together in an ultimate goal of improving their schools by collaborating and sharing ideas. Members of LHS student council traveled to the Highlands Ranch hilton hotel in hopes of having a good time and gaining some leadership skills essential to being a member of student council. Arapahoe High School, Heritage Hig School and our own LHS student council members engaged in an assortment of games and challenges that each one of the schools planned individually. Students had the pleasure of staying in the Hilton and indulging in their accommodations such as the pool, and complimentary breakfast.

One activity that proved to be exceptionally exciting was the icebreaker. Students were split into groups and then had to make and perform a approximately 5 minute long rap.

Junior Kimberly Prete said, “the rap was challenging but fun at the same time.”

The group also listened to an impactful motivational speaker. An interesting aspect of the leadership conference was that the workshops were centered around the leadership, represented by a tree. Each high school that makes up the Littleton Public School district was thought to be a branch important to the tree. Overall, tri school is a event that brings all of the very different high schools of LPS together under one common interest, improving schools through student council and excellent leadership.