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Boy & Bear is a Dream…a Harlequin Dream

If you haven’t heard of Boy & Bear, get on Spotify and prepare to be amazed. The Australian band formed in 2009 and hit it big with their #1 Hit, Southern Sun, just last year. This indie rock band has folk influences mixed with mellow harmonies and soothing guitar solos. They have subtle twists of jazz and include orchestral instruments in certain songs to keep listeners intrigued.

In 2013, they produced Harlequin Dream,  and in this album the group takes their listeners through a tale of heartbreak, the complexities of finding love, and the differences between the realities of love and the expectations of it. In Bridges, lead singer, David Hosking, identifies with his listeners and crones about the fickle hearted and the need to be accepted with love. A Moment’s Grace follows the song and illuminates the beauty in the difficulty of love, making all the challenges found in the song before worthwhile. Finally, in Arrow Flight, the story makes a full circle about how love isn’t perfect but a beautiful and necessary part of life.

Artistically, the album was designed to take the listener through the journey of emotions felt by the members of the band. Each song in the album stands on its own and independently adds components to the overall message: that love and life isn’t going to go as expected but is an adventure that needs to be appreciated and thought about.

In concert, the guitarist, Killian Gavin, went to town on multiple guitars throughout the night. The mandolin and banjo player, Jonathan Hart, accented each song with the unique sounds of his instruments to silence any critic’s accusation of monotony. The overall musical talent of the band is outstanding and great to hear.

Next time you’re on YouTube or iTunes, download Boy & Bear and experience for yourself the mellow blend of an indie rock band who knows how to do it right.