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Chen brings youth to science department

Science teacher Maggie Chen is starting her teaching career this semester at LHS. After a full year of student teaching at George Washington High School and Hinkley High School, she is filling in for Science teacher Beth Rankin, who is taking this semester off.

Graduating from CU-Denver in December, she finished her masters in the UCT (Urban Community Teacher) education program. Hoping to modernize teaching, Chen adds many technological elements to her style.

“I’m always rotating around the room with my iPad. I don’t have to be in front of the board going through a PowerPoint. I think it allows [students] a collective community classroom feel instead of me as a teacher talking at them,” said Chen.

Being a teacher right out of college, Chen hopes to bring a new energy to the classroom, but also respects the opportunity to learn and grow from all the experienced science teachers at LHS.

“It’s kind of intimidating being the youngest in the department, but also it’s great to have the opportunity to learn from such experienced teachers and incorporate some of what they do into my style,” said Chen.

Outside of class, Chen is captain of the Molly Brown Ultimate Frisbee team, and helps run a high school winter league. She teaches three sections of IS 2 and one section of IS 4 this semester.