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Thieme brings a spark to the new year

As we welcome in a new year, we also welcome in new faces to LHS, including a new Language Arts teacher, Alex Thieme. Having been a student teacher last semester at Littleton High School, she is familiar with the school and will be a great addition to the Language Arts department.

Before coming to LHS, Thieme was able to travel to various places including Costa Rica where she was a yoga teacher and was also able to explore being a writer for a time. These different experiences have allowed her to gain a unique perspective and see things in a different light. She hopes to integrate this into her teaching this year.

“I really enjoy thinking of ways to connect learning to the world around us, such as current events and topics that are happening around us everyday, and being able to bring that into the classroom. I really enjoy thinking about that and figuring out those connections,” said Thieme.

As Thieme moves from student teacher to teacher at LHS, she will experience many differences, but is taking the challenge in full stride.

“I have my own classes right now, which is a difference so I’m making my own decisions and hopefully I will be able to develop even closer connections with my students,” said Thieme.

Littleton High School is widely accepted as having a great community. This quality sets LHS apart from many and allows for students to learn in a welcoming and congenial environment.

“The community is probably the best quality [of LHS]. There is just such a strong community and everyone gets a long with everyone else. There aren’t really any cliques and I just really love the community,” said Thieme.

With such a wide range of experience across the boards and a warm demeanor, Ms. Thieme will help uphold the qualities of LHS and bring new passion to the teaching staff of LHS.