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An Ode to the Breast Pocket

Dearest breast pocket, why do you exist? You have absolutely no functional purpose, and so I ask, why are you even sewn on? It seems like you are wasted stitching and seams, threads that could be better spent on the next shirt, preferably made without a breast pocket at all. This is no fault of your own, breast pocket, and I am saying this respectfully, but you are fantastically, impressively, pointless.

But are you really? You do nothing even close to what pockets should do, aka holding things. That is a fact. But the game has changed, and now breast pockets are used to add a splash of color and a sprinkle of pattern to an otherwise dark colored shirt.

To replace the total lack of function provided by the infamous breast pocket, some designers have decided to make the breast pockets on their shirts colorful and lovely, adding dazzle to a relatively bland fabric that the rest of the shirt is made out of. Instead of passing over the totally grey or black button down or t-shirt, the eye catches the breast pocket, and will eventually move to the gorgeous face of the shirt wearer, you!

The colored breast pocket adds some pop and personality to the shirt, and the versatility provided by the pattern is unique to the wearer. The pocket allows the wearer some ability to express themselves through their clothing. Are you serious but can also be spontaneous and goofy? Black t-shirt with a bright yellow tribal print breast pocket! Are you a stylish pizza chef? Grey button down with a pizza print breast pocket!

And so, breast pocket, you are not completely utterly useless. You turn a boring product into a not boring one. You are the salsa pocket to the chip shirt. And for that, sweet, sweet, colorfully patterned breast pocket, I thank you.