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Lions fall short of gold in game against Golden

On Friday, January 16, the LHS Varsity boys basketball team took on the Golden High School Demons. Golden High School is one of the top teams in the state and put the Lions’ skill to the test. Throughout the game the Lions followed behind the Demons, with a score of 20 to 46 at halftime. The Lions gave it their all in the second half, but were unable to conquer. The game ended with a score of 45 to 81. While the Lions didn’t take this win, they remain confident and excited for what the rest of the season has to bring.

“They are obviously one of the top teams in the state for a reason, we didn’t get a lot of turnovers and they had a lot of offensive rebounds, that is what killed us,” said sophomore Sam Kail.

The Lions have played four top ten teams in their last four games. These teams have made the Lions work hard and forced them to face some defeat. While the Lions could be discouraged, they remain very positive and are always looking for ways to improve.

“We can improve. We need to execute our game plan for the whole game and get offensive boards because they’re important,” said Kail.

The LHS Varsity boys continue to represent the Lions well as they play their hearts out on the court. They all look forward to making improvements and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

“We are gonna bounce back,” said Kail.

IMG_1963 (1024x683)

LHS Varsity Poms perform at halftime.

IMG_2049 (1024x683)

Senior Tre Blake dribbles to the basket.

IMG_2063 (1024x683)

Senior Tommy Kail makes a basket.