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Winter formal: ironically informal

Despite its name, the annual Winter Formal dance is usually the most informal of all of the dances at LHS. In searching for the right dress or outfit for the dance, it is important to look for something that casual but also says more than “I’m just going out with friends tonight.” Here are suggestions for different outfits for your fun night:

For the ladies…

  1. Get funky with patterns. Feel free to mix it up. Casual dances give you the freedom to mix up your style without regretting your decision years later when you’re looking back through timeless prom photos.
  2. Mix and match. Don’t feel obligated to wear a dress. You can go for the more casual look with a cute skirt and shirt, played up with fun jewelry or other accessories. You could even pull an Emma Stone at the Golden Globe Awards 2015, and rock the pantsuit.
  3. You can always settle for lace. Lace never fails to be elegant yet fairly casual. A simple lace dress is a perfect thing for Winter Formal- it’s both simple yet not your typical daily getup.

For the gentlemen…

  1. Khakis are always kool and kasual. Disregard the alliteration and you get the point. Khakis are a nice balance between dress pants and jeans, a perfect happy medium for Winter Formal.
  2. Forget the blazer. Inevitably, it will be too hot and you will be more dressed up than most people there. Since it’s a more casual dance, feel free to ditch the blazer and settle for a nice button-down shirt.
  3. Just make sure you shower. Really gentlemen, it goes a long way. If you take longer than the usual 10 minutes to get ready for Winter Formal, you will feel better about yourself the whole night and be more confident with the ladies!