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In-Tea: The Perfect Lunch Spot

Located on 2240 West Main Street in downtown Littleton, In-Tea is about a five minute drive from LHS, which makes it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat for lunch. In-Tea offers over a 100 different types of teas, brewed over ice or served hot. Different types of syrups and boba are also available to add on to any drink. Along with the loose leaf teas, In-Tea serves holiday and seasonal drinks that combine teas and flavor syrups which compliment each other perfectly.

Not only does In-Tea serve beverages, but also sandwiches, salads and tapas. If you are in the mood for something sweet instead of savory, In-Tea also sells delicious pastries provided by Taste of Denmark, a European style bakery.

As far as prices go, drinks and food range from about three to ten dollars, so their is something delicious for every budget. The wonderful atmosphere and delightful food and beverages are well worth the price.

With tasty food, beverages and exceptional customer service, In-Tea is a wonderful lunch spot within a reasonable driving distance from LHS.