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The Roar’s ideal Valentines Day

When it comes to February 14, many different emotions come into play. There are those who dream of the perfect date with a significant other and there are those who would rather ignore Valentine’s existence as a whole. While many choose one of these extremities, others just enjoy spending the day with those they love in general! Here are the ideal Valentine’s days of the Lions Roar staff:

Seth: would love to spend the day in the Rockies snowboarding with his friends or family.

Megan: would spend spend her day with her gentleman caller who would buy her Italian food, dark chocolate and give her a massage.

Emyle: would spend her day with a loved one, whether it be a family member, a friend or a significant other.

Avery: would love to watch comedies and eat spaghetti with her two best friends!

Hannah: would love to spend the day eating, watching movies and dancing with her loved ones ( aka Avery Ellfeldt).

Liv: has an ideal Valentine’s that involves hours of romantic comedies, tea, and chocolate. She wouldn’t mind just relaxing and being around the people she loves.  A low-key day is a good v-day.

Bayley: would begin outside at a park or an amusement park. She would later eat some good home made pasta, watch scary movies and eat a lot of chocolate.

Grant: looks forward to spending a relaxing day at home and then going to a nice restaurant for dinner (if he can get a date, that is!)

Sophie: would love to spend the day outside playing tennis!

Clemence: would first love to wake up and have her breakfast waiting for her next to her bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a crunchy croissant. When she opens her door she wants to find a huge box of chocolate from her significant other that she can enjoy while watching cheesey movies.

Sanjali: loves her friends, so prefers a “galentines” day over a Valentine’s day! She would spend it with her closest friends making a sweet treat like cake pops, and watching as many romantic comedies as possible, starting with dirty dancing!

Tatiana: would spend her ideal Valentine’s Day  watching bloody horror movies like chainsaw massacre to commemorate the brutal murder of St. Valentine.

Gabbie: prefers things to be pretty low key. Going hiking (even though it’s muddy) or staying in and enjoying movies and chocolate are all she needs!