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So, we talk fashion, but why not hair?

Thats right folks, it time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. So in case you don’t know me, or did not read the by-line above, my name is Bradley Iroine. You may recognize me from LHS, identifiable via my iconic Avalanche Hoodie I wear daily, or the streak of colour I constantly have in my hair.

Brightly colored hair is not exactly new at LHS as many students can be seen sporting vibrant colored hair in the halls. There are obviously different styles and methods people use to color their hair to there liking, but I will be taking on the task of explaining one method that works perfectly to color your hair however you like.

I have somewhat dark hair, making it difficult to produce a bright color without first lightening the hair. Because I like my dyed hair to be a super vibrant and bright colour, the first thing I do is bleach the segment of hair I wish to dye. I do this by separating the hair I want dyed apart from the rest. Tinfoil is the perfect tool to help separate your hair. dye

Then, I apply the bleach thoroughly, usually trying to saturate all exposed pieces. I usually let the bleach sit still for about 20 to 30 minutes.


After the allotted time period, I wash all of the solution out of my hair, leaving me with a stripe of blonde.


Next step, the actual dye. There are endless colour options, so whether you chose pink, blue, red, green, or purple, there is a great option for everyone.

The dye is somewhat gel-like. It can be easily applied and spread on the segment of blonde hair. Once applied I let that sit for around 20 minutes.


Then comes the moment of truth: washing the dye out. For about 30 seconds I let water stream over my head, removing the excess dye. Dry your hair with a towel being wary of extra dye coming off onto the towel.

And thats basically it for the process. Now I have colourful hair, and you can too!