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The theory of everything, a mind- blowing experience

Are you ever curious to know about the true origin of the world? How it all came together and how everything that exists today was created? Physicist Stephen Hawking has attempted to answer all of these questions with his theory, the theory of everything. The film, “The Theory of Everything” retraces Hawking’s life, accomplishments and great struggles in an extremely powerful way.

The film may just sound like a boring one about science, but it proved to be much more than that. The movie, starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, retraces Hawking’s personal life and struggles much more than the science behind his discoveries. Throughout the film the audience views Hawking as he suffers from a motor neuron disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS.) Hawking slowly lost control of his body, first losing his ability to walk, and then to speak. The most interesting part is that he maintains his full mental capacity, continuing to do his research and write books. Although sad and powerful, “The Theory of Everything” is a beautiful and touching story. Love, moments of pure happiness, breathtaking discoveries and humor can all be traced throughout the plot.

The way Hawking maneuvers through each obstacle is what made me love the film so much. Nothing stopped him from writing his theory and continuing his research. Losing control of his legs didn’t stop him and losing his voice didn’t stop him either. This movie is more of a lesson for the audience, portraying that yes life is a struggle and you will meet obstacles, but it demonstrates how we all have the power to overcome these obstacles and find happiness in life.

The film was an all around wonderful experience. It provided humor, scientific information, the story of a beautiful life, and the lesson that any obstacle can be overcome. If you love films with powerful messages and entertaining plots, ‘The Theory of Everything” is the perfect one for you.