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Rapchat: The best and newest form of communication

Living in the 21st century, we truly live in the age of connection. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, we are constantly in a state of contact and connection with other people. People who live nearby, people who live miles away. We can call, text, chat, video chat, and even Snapchat pretty much anyone with whom we wish to talk. However, there is one form of communication that we didn’t have until just recently, a form of communication that we all desperately need, even if we didn’t realize that we needed it: rapping.

One of the latest applications to hit the Apple app store is Rapchat. What is Rapchat? Exactly what it sounds like! Similar to Snapchat, this app lets you communicate briefly with your friends, but now in a much more creative and out-of-the box way. It is, quite simply, an app that allows one to rap, and send it to any of their friends who may have a Rapchat.

Here’s how it works: First, the user selects a beat. There is an enormous selection of beats to choose from, slow to fast, chill to aggressive, so any kind of rap is possible. Once a beat has been selected, then you click “record” and your phone will play the beat, over which you can rap! There are over 30 beats to choose from, and Rapchat adds new ones almost every other day. After finishing your rap, you can listen to it to make sure it is up to par with you and your friends’ rapping standards. Then, you click “choose friends,” and any of your Facebook friends who have a Rapchat will be available.

While the idea of Rapchat seems fun and hilarious, sometimes good ideas aren’t always executed well in the way of applications. This is absolutely not the case with Rapchat. An app that allows one to rap and send it to their friends sounds amazing, and the creators of Rapchat ensured that it truly was awesome. It is very easy to use, and unlike Snapchat, it allows the user to keep all Rapchats from the last five days or so. This lets users re-listen to some great raps they’ve received, over and over! In addition to this, if you really like the rap you’ve just created, there is an option to save a link to said rap for future uses/listens.

Overall, Rapchat is a well-designed application with a fantastic core concept to go with it, and combination that has become increasingly harder to find when it comes to smartphone apps. With that in mind, I could not possibly give this app anything other than a five out of five paws. As an avid user myself, the only suggestion I have is that they expand this phenomenal app to other smartphones markets, such as Google Play.