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“Kingsman”: Brave tale for the underdogs

If you’re looking for an action movie this snowy weekend that reaches beyond the basic James Bond formula, “Kingsman” is the perfect movie for you. Drawing gentlemen and traditional qualities from Bond and comedic and social commentary aspects found in “Kick Ass,” director, Mathew Vaughn, has blended a funny and action-packed film.

The movie centers around a secret British spy organization and twelve agents, all named after King Arthur’s Knights, adding a fun and historical twist to the film. When the agent named Lancelot is killed on a mission, the remaining eleven agents must each bring forth a candidate to compete for the open position. Harry Hart (Galahad), played by Colin Firth, stumbles upon an intelligent but misguided teenager, Eggsy, whose father had died for the agency under his command many years prior.

The story follows underdog Eggsy, and the absurd challenges thrown at the contestants’ way. Each challenge is used to test the candidates’ loyalty, dedication and morals, analyzing if any of them are qualified to become the twelfth kingsman. Every step of the way Eggsy finds a way to show is strong character as well as his impressive talents. He develops friendships with his fellow competitors and learns how to acknowledge his potential. One by one, his competition is eliminated, leaving Eggsy to persevere on becoming a finalist for the twelfth position.

Meanwhile, Galahad investigates a billionaire philanthropist, Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson), whose plan is to eliminate global warming by killing off most of the human population. Thankfully, his plan is uncovered by Galahad, and Eggsy and the other knights are able to plan an attack to save mankind.

The film denotes a strong commentary on the separation between the privileged few and the impoverished underdogs. Eggsy signifies the ordinary people who are often overlooked. In Valentine’s evil scheme, he plans to save the rich who can pay his fee for survival and sacrifice the people who can’t. The movie reminds viewers of everyone’s potential regardless of their financial situation.

Filled with both serious and comedic moments, “Kingsman” helps balance a social message and a fun, action-packed movie. It’s the perfect movie to see this weekend if you can beat the snow!