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So you want a snow day…

Although it’s still only the weekend, the weather forecast for the next 36 hours shows promise of the one thing on everyone’s mind: a snow day. However, despite the predicted low temperatures and 7-10 inches of snow, it’s all expected to come to a halt late Sunday night or early Monday morning. In such a precarious situation, we certainly cannot rely on the weather alone– not with so much on the line!

This weekend, we must whip out our best tips, tricks and magical abilities in order to coax the snow gods into giving us exactly what we want. Superstitious or not, here are some of our favorite tactics:

1. Wear your pajamas inside out (bonus points if they have feet)

2. Flush at least 6 ice cubes down the toilet (cubed, not crushed. This is important)

3. Place a clean spoon under your pillow (any kind works)

4. Run around your kitchen table 5 times (or until you fall over)

5. Do the snow dance (the worse the dancer you are, the better the chances)

Whip out your spoons and footie pajamas, LHS, for together, we may reach our dreams.


What are your favorite ways to get a snow day?