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Warm up with three ingredient homemade grilled cheese

And you thought it was almost spring! Although the previous weather has probably fooled you, this weekend enjoy Colorado’s little blizzard by staying inside and keeping warm. One of the best ways to do so? This homemade grilled cheese sandwich. I paired it with tomato soup from Vert Kitchen, which is also available at specialty grocery stores.


Two slices of bread (I strongly recommend Great Harvest)

Thick slices of parmesan cheese

1/4 a stick of butter


Lightly toast the bread and simultaneously melt the butter on a pan. Once the butter is hot put the bread slices in the pan, flipping them so butter is equally distributed on each side. After a minute or two, put the cheese on the bread, making a sandwich. Continue to flip the sandwich until the bread is toasted to your desired level. Now you have a delicious and easy to make sandwich.