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A fresh fruit salad for a hot day

During this hot spring day, you probably need a refreshing, healthy and natural dessert. If you don’t have much time to make an intricate snack or meal, this fruit salad is the perfect treat for you!

For 4 people you will need:

– 4 to 6 oranges

-1 grapefruit

-1 to 2 tablespoons of liquid honey (depending on how sugary you want your salad to be)

– 1 tablespoon of orange blossom

Once you have all of these ingredients:

1. Cut the grapefruit and oranges in small pieces but keep two oranges.

2. Press the two oranges you didn’t cut to make orange juice.

3. Mix the orange juice you got with the honey and the orange blossom.

4. Add the pieces of grapefruit and oranges to your new mixture.

5. Put your preparation in the fridge for a while so that it’ll be extra fresh when you eat it.

6. Enjoy your fresh and healthy salad!