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Willkommen the Germans

During Spring Break of the 2013-2014 school year the Littleton Performing Arts Department, choir, orchestra and band took 50 kids over to Germany. The group performed in many locations, singing in some of the world’s most beautiful churches and charming a plethora of international audiences. The students performed a fair share of their own concerts, moving around the country. The country of Germany was delighted by the music the LHS young adults had to share, and because of this, the Germans have returned the favor.

Towards the end of the 2014 trip the students headed to a smaller city by the name of Verden. After hours of driving, the students pulled up at the school Domgymnasium Verden, and were greeted by the school’s choir and band in a concert, dancing and lots of food. The LHS students got to know the Verden students as they showed them around their school, enlightening them with their ways of life and how schools worked around there. The LHS performing arts students were intrigued by the German students and shared many laughs over similarities and differences and finding mutual ground in the typical lives of teens.

“We spent the afternoon with them and we were all having a great time and we were making friends with each other,” said senior Lexie Karet.

Later that night the LHS students were joined by the Domgymnasium students for dinner and a walk around their town. The evening concluded with students with the mutual passion for performing arts, singing and playing their hearts out in the local church with beautiful acoustics.

“It is fun because the types of music are so different,” said Karet.

The LHS students and the Domgymnasium students had made friends as if they had known each other for a lifetime.

“Before we knew it were were leaving and saying goodbye. A couple of the students that I have met I have kept in touch with,” said Karet.

Luckily for us, when the students parted ways in spring of 2014, it would not be the last time they met. The German students have arrived in the States and are staying with LHS host families, and sharing a similar experience to the one they had in Germany just a year ago. The Germans have been looking forward to reuniting with friends and venturing to our side of the pond.

“We’re most excited about speaking English so much, meeting new people and their way of life and of course the food,” said German choir student Niklas Joel.

The German students are looking forward to anything and everything about the trip .

“I am looking forward to learning about your school, the host families, and the shopping,” said German choir student Carolina Soppa.

The Domgymnasium Verden students were reunited with the LHS students and host families at 4:00 on Monday in the cafeteria. They caught up and showed the German students around our school, enjoying trading roles from what they had previously had a year ago.

While the students have become friends more than anything, they still share a passion for the performing arts. There will be an orchestra concert on Tuesday, and Wednesday there will be a concert with two combined pieces and finally an LHS concert on Thursday for the Domgymnasium students to enjoy and then say their goodbyes.

The opportunity that the LHS and Domgymnasium students have had in these last few years is truly amazing. They have gotten to share the gift of music and friendship. The LHS students look forward to spending time with the Germans and creating memories and friendships that will last a life time.

“We are excited to pick up where we left off and get to know them even more. And this time we get to be the tour guides and show them around,” said Karet.