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Mongolian Barbecue sure to delight

Located at Arapahoe road and Quebec, Mongolian Barbecue may not initially appear as tasty as it truly is. However, beyond its hole-in-the-wall exterior this restaurant offers an inexpensive and savory cultural experience.

A sit-down restaurant, guests are immediately greeted by a friendly hostess and a “no checks allowed” sign upon entrance. For just around $7, the meal comes with hot tea, soup of one’s choosing and a main meal. The main meal, of course, is the true draw of Mongolian Barbecue.

In a type of buffet style, uncooked vegetables, meats and even fruits line one wall of the restaurant. Diners are given one large bowl, which they fill with chicken, pork, beef, broccoli, celery, carrots, noodles and anything else one may desire. After loading up on the good stuff, diners add their sauces of choice and pass their bowl on to the hibachi chef, who fries the meal on an open cooktop before their eyes. In minutes, a custom stir-fry is produced; delicious, and just the way you like it!

Inexpensive, delicious and absolutely unique, Mongolian Barbecue is a wonderful place for a meal out.