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Mashak looks to the future

Today, April 17, marked the last day at LHS for Therese Mashak, Administrative Assistant to Principal Amy Oaks. Mashak joined LHS staff in 2011 when Oaks assumed her role as Principal and has remained a positive and helpful presence for her four years here.

“I really enjoy the kids and I enjoy working with the teachers. It’s really been a great place to work. I only decided to leave because I’m ready to move up to the next level,” said Mashak.

Heading off to the University of Denver, Mashak will be piloting a new position at the university, working closely with professors and administrators.

Although excited for what the future holds, Mashak admits to missing all that the Littleton community has to offer.

“I’m going to miss everybody here. I will miss the students most, I think. Kids would always come in to talk to me after school while they were waiting for rides and whatnot, and I’ll miss having those interactions,” said Mashak.

Known to students for her sunny disposition and eagerness to help out, Mashak will most certainly be missed for the remainder of this year. However, LHS students and staff wish her only the best as she moves on to this next adventure.