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What should I do this weekend?

In the weekend of April 17 to the 19, Colorado is in for a weather slam. We had a nice glimpse of what spring is normally like for the last two weeks, but now Colorado has slammed the door in our faces, and has said “HAHA! It’s actually January!” Aside from taking the ACT as some juniors are doing on April 18, and preparing for senior ditch day, here are some things you can do this weekend.

1. Record Store Day- April 18- prices as marked

This saturday is Record Store Day. I know you’ve all heard the ads on KBCO. Record stores are releasing brand new vinyl on Saturday, priced as marked. There’s something incredibly personal about buying a record, and putting your needle in the groove, so why not pick something up? See you guys on the flip side.

2. Free National Parks Admissions Weekend- all weekend- free

The chance of precipitation on Saturday and Sunday is low, so maybe layering up and taking a day trip to one of Colorado’s gorgeous National Parks. Normally around an 8 dollar admission fee is required, but this weekend it’s all inclusive and all free. The weather can’t keep us down!

3. Get together with friends and consult a Ouija board about the sudden turn in weather- any day this weekend- free

Please. It benefits us all. After you find the answer, your group will be consulted as a group of prophets. How would you like to be considered a meteorological Moses? Maybe watch a movie before or after with your buddies.

Get out there and enjoy our sub-par weather this weekend!