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Do it for Charity

Friday, April 17, our very own student body president Seth Goldstein was taped to the wall in the cafeteria. Goldstein was stuck to the wall for charity. As you probably already know, next week April 20th to April 24th is make a wish week at LHS. We are supporting a girl named Quinn as she strives to achieve her wish of becoming an actor. The students of LHS donated one dollar to this rewarding cause and then got to put yet another piece of ductape on Seth. Eventually, he was practically covered in tape. But that was the easy part; just imagine ripping all that ductape off. It is safe to say that Seth won’t need to shave any time soon.
“I admire Seth for doing something like that for charity.” said Junior Kimberly Prete.
Seth deserves the admiration of the LHS student body and maybe they can learn to put themselves out there and maybe go through a little pain for charity