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Duffeyroll Cafe: the perfect lunch

Among almost all teenagers, there is one general consensus: cinnamon rolls are delicious. Luckily for LHS students, cinnamon rolls are not hard to find! Located just a few minutes away from LHS, the Duffeyroll Cafe specializes in its homemade duffeyrolls, which may be some of the best in the city. Although it originally started from a pushcart in Denver’s 16th St. Mall, there are now four Duffeyroll Cafes in the Denver area, and they are the premier places to buy cinnamon rolls.

Their cinnamon rolls are all delicious, and the main flavors are the original, zesty orange, Irish cream, mountain maple, English toffee, and pencanilla crunch. The rolls are $2.45 for an individual roll, and mini rolls are also available if you want to try multiple flavors.

Not only does the Duffeyroll Cafe have the best cinnamon rolls in the area, they also have some delicious sandwiches, wraps, and soups. Unlike some restaurants that really specialize  in one type of food and are weak in other areas, Duffeyroll has great food all around. The sandwiches each come with a mini roll if you want to end your meal with something sweet and little.

If you come into Duffeyroll Cafe during a lunch period, you will almost always see other LHS students. The restaurant is casual and simple, perfect to grab a quick lunch any day of the year.

The Duffeyroll Cafe is located north of LHS on Broadway.

Inside of Duffeyroll Café