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LHS track and field competes at Grandview Invitational

This weekend, the LHS track and field team competed at the Legacy Stadium at Cherokee Trail High School. The meet was the Grandview Invitational which the athletes looked forward to as a good way to improve their events against tough competition.

“Some of our sprinters, distance runners and hurdlers all PR’d (achieved personal records) and placed well,” said senior Tommy Kail.

Junior Magda VanLeuwen was one team member who managed to improve despite disadvantageous weather conditions. In the end, she was satisfied with her individual progress.

“I was only a second off of my personal record in the 800 and our 4 by 800 team got third in the meet. We are super excited because we get medals for that,” said VanLeuwen.

Vanleuwen and her relay have high hopes of continuing to train hard for the remainder of the season in order to qualify for state in the 4 by 800. They all are prepared for the hard work it will undoubtedly take, but think if they continue to train like they have been, their goal will be attainable.

For others, the meet was not as much of a success because of the cold weather. The unfortunate running conditions were not of much help to the athletes, but they all competed their best despite the weather. Although a few team members did improve their overall event, a large majority of the team did not do as well as they had hoped.

“For me the meet this weekend wasn’t anything special. Two of my relays were disqualified and I was sick. I don’t think there were many personal records because it was cold,” said senior Astrida Knutson.

For those who struggled with the random Colorado Springs weather, the meet was at least a learning experience. It was an easy way for the athletes to experience a more intense and competitive environment, similar to what state may be like. Because it was an invitational meet, our newly 4A team had to fight hard in order to compete with the much more expansive 5A teams.

“It’s hard to compete against the 5A schools because they can have three times as many people running track than we do. But even with so many fewer kids, we have no problem competing with these schools,” said VanLeuwen.

With a challenging invitational behind them, the team has only stepped up their goals for the remainder of the season. Kail and his relay members are hoping to place in the top 3 at state in the 4 by 400, while Knutson and her team hope to qualify in both the 4 by 400 and 4 by 200. All team members hope to solidify their rankings in order to secure a spot for them to compete at state!

As VanLeuwen said, “I think everyone on the team is hoping to run a new personal best, jump further, pole vault higher or throw longer than they ever have before.”


Senior Hugo Ogilvie competes in pole vaulting at the Grandview Invitational

Senior Hugo Ogilvie competes in pole vaulting at the Grandview Invitational

Senior Tommy Kail begins his race

Senior Tommy Kail begins his race