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Defining our lives: Savion Cardenas

“My happiest moment, to be completely honest, was at the end of my first show, ‘Treasure Island’ in middle school, and I went out there for the bow, for the curtain call, and it was just intriguing; people’s smiles, people’s applause, their craze for this show. It was just so amazing. And right then and there, I knew that for the rest of my life I’d be chasing that applause, I’d always be looking for a new applause. Right then and there was when I was the happiest, and right then and there was when I realized that I’m a performer. That’s what I’m here on this earth to do, to make people laugh, smile.

Through all the years of homelessness and everything that I endured, I had none of that, I didn’t do anything. Then I came to this school and ‘Legally  Blond’ was happening. Hearing that applause was just awesome, because I knew that right here is where I’d be chasing that applause”