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No Rags… Just All the Riches

It’s that time of year again, prom is just around the corner, and for all of you procrastinators there is still a chance to attend in style. In an attempt to give the opportunity for all girls to get their magical night, LHS staff is continuing their Prom Dress Exchange.  You can come to the cafeteria either A or B lunch on Friday April 24th, in order to trade in an old dress for a new one or to donate your dress so someone else can share in it’s magic.

This exchange is a great and affordable way for students of all walks of life to come together on April 25th and dance the night away. Prices are flexible and volunteers work really hard to make sure you leave with the perfect dress without depleting your wallet. LHS social worker, Josh Hahn, said,”We just want to help any girl who wants to go to prom and doesn’t have a dress. We did it last year…but last year, not a lot of students took advantage of it. We did it after school, fashion club hosted it in Room 151, but no one really came so our goal was to try and make it a little bit more public this year.”

Now that the venue has changed to the busiest time at LHS, there will be more opportunity for girls to donate, exchange and buy the perfect dress for the perfect night. Please don’t let finances completely deter you from going to prom. There are millions of ways to save money while still showing up in fashion. Car pooling is sexy, nail polish costs $2 at Walgreens, ask a friend or sister to curl your hair, and save loads by coming to the Prom Dress Exchange for a dress!