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Littleton soccer takes second to Rampart at Warrior Tournament

Saturday, September 12, the Littleton Lions took on the Rampart Rams during the finals of the Arapahoe High School Invitational tournament. LHS took 2 place in the tournament closely losing their championship match one to zero. ­

The highly anticipated match was punctuated by stellar offensive playing by LHS, but the Lions were unable to turn any of their offensive pressure into goals. During the first half there was great hope from the fans that Littleton could win the match.

“Littleton is having great offensive plays and they just need to get one goal or hold it and they could win,” said senior Samantha Sanson at the end of the first half.

The second half started strongly for the Lions, but was disrupted 10 minutes in when Rampart got the ball past Littleton’s defense and netted what would be the winning goal. Rampart’s goal was the first goal scored on the Lions so far this season.

“The game was fairly even and most of the time I think Littleton played better, we had some great chances but could not put the ball in the back of the net. Rampart was able to take advantage of our weakness better when we faltered,” said senior Morgan Harris.

After Rampart’s goal, Littleton showed class on the field, as they didn’t let the score ruin the rest of their game. They didn’t become discouraged and make irrational decisions on the field. Instead, the play seemed to become more deliberate as the players focused harder to try and make up the one goal deficit.

“After the goal, we were discouraged but wouldn’t let that get in the way,” said Harris. “I think that we need to have more consistent play throughout the game.”

The team finished a bit discouraged, but had still captured a second place win in the tournament playing against only 5A teams. The team is looking forward to the rest of the season when they can play more 4A teams.

“We held our own against Hinkley, Arapahoe and Rampart well, and when we start competing against some teams in our league I’m sure we will be on top,” said Harris.

Senior Nathan Stauffer moves the ball down the field

Senior Nathan Stauffer moves the ball down the field


Senior Hamadi Ali Abid challenges the referee's yellow card

Senior Hamadi Ali Abid challenges the referee’s yellow card