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App Review: yHomework- Math Solver

Struggling with math homework or confused on how to solve a math problem? Wanting to see if you got a math problem right? If either of these statements corresponds to you, then the app “yHomework” is a great, user-friendly, free app that you can download in just seconds.

This app helps users from elementary school math levels all the way through college math levels. Within, you can enter in equations and “yHomework” will solve them. This app can also graph all types of equations, from linear functions to difficult quadratic functions. “yHomework” does not just confirm answers to a math problem, it also demonstrates how to solve the problem through simple, easy-to-understand steps. With this app, users can check their work and learn how to do each step of every math problem needed.

Additionally, this app can be translated to seven other languages besides English and can be downloaded on apple devices, android devices, amazon kindles, and more- free of charge! There is no reason to not get on your phone or tablet right now and download the app “yHomework- Math Solver”.

image (1)

Use this box to insert an equation that the app will solve and explain how it got its answer.

image (2)

This is an example of the steps the app took to solve the equation in green.

image (3)

This is a continuance of the steps the app took to reach the answer to the equation. The answer is boxed.