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Junior dodgeball team #threepeat

This afternoon, September 16, many teams from every class came out to represent their class in the south gym during the annual dodgeball tournament. Many teams came in with high hopes for their performance and were ready to take on what the other teams had to give. The juniors took home a victory for their third year in a row, while the seniors took second place, the freshman took third and the sophomores took fourth.

A few of the teams brought to the court this afternoon were ‘The Real Supa Savages’, ‘The Freshest’, ‘Team Peterson’ and more. The games started out on a pretty even playing field as each team got to dip their toes in against another team.

“I thought the tournament was awesome, it was really fun,” said freshman Paul Schiebel.

It was all fun and games, but when the semi-finals hit, the teams brought their ‘A-game’. The class of 2018 was the only class to not be represented in the semi-finals, but they cheered on their friends from the sidelines during two heated games. Freshman team ‘The Freshest’ took on the junior team, ‘Team Peterson’, while the senior team, ‘The Real Supa Savages’ took on another freshmen team.

“We needed to really get up to the line and throw at the other team and should have thrown at people not looking at us so they wouldn’t catch the balls and get our team out,” said senior Dara Taylor.

Strategy and teamwork played a role in who came out victorious at the end of the day, but as did some emotion that was brought to the court. The match between ‘The Freshest’ and ‘Team Peterson’ meant many siblings going head to head.

“Obviously, I couldn’t lose to my younger brother or my whole career who be ended and I would be banished to eternal shame. So that really pushed me to up my game and that push carried over to the championship where Team Peterson took what was rightfully ours,” said junior George Schiebel.

In the end, junior team, ‘Team Peterson’ walked away with a first place victory for the third year in a row and celebrated with doughnuts, but all of the teams walked away with a smile on their faces and determination for next year’s tournament.

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