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Seniors rule Powder Puff

IMG_9611 (3)After school on Tuesday, September 15, all four classes gathered together on the soccer fields as the girls fought their way to victory in “Powder-Puff Football.”

It began with the seniors against and the sophomores in a difficult fight. On the field next to them, the juniors and freshmen battled it out. In the end, the junior girls worked their hardest to beat the freshmen, with a close score of six to five. The seniors came out with another close defeat against the sophomores. With an incredible play made by the senior girls, they were able to score the winning touchdown within the final minute, making the score three to two.

The junior and senior girls both moved to the next round to fight for the championships as the sophomores and freshmen dueled over third place in a much more evenly matched game. As the crowd and their teammates cheered loudly, the juniors displayed a tough battle, but the senior girls came out victorious with a close tally of two to one. The sophomores prevailed over the freshmen with a score of four to three, maintaining third place.

Although each class wrestled for the winning title and worked their hardest to get there, the senior girls were clear winners. They worked well together and came out as a team.

“We had some positive team spirit and some great coaches and some good team cheers and it got us through,” said senior Samantha Sanson. “We worked well as a team and painted our faces together and worked hard as a team.”

With the crowd cheering them on to their tough victory, the senior girls not only represented school spirit, but how working as a team can help anyone achieve their goals.

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