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LHS Annual Bonfire

Homecoming week is known throughout the LPS community as a time to express school spirit and pride leading up to the first dance of the year. September 16th was no different. Beginning with the distant sounds of the marching band’s music and the shimmering flags of the color guard, the roar of the microphone echoed through the south parking lot of Littleton High School that overflowed with eager faculty and students. As the mumblings and laughter of the crowd increased, the dying light of the afternoon ignited in fire, commencing the highly anticipated bonfire; which was only one of the many events that Littleton High School hosts during homecoming week. The bonfire included relay races, free food and entertainment provided by our two excellent Cheer and Lady Lionettes teams.

As the fire began to die down and the event slowly came to an end, smiles never ceased to fade as the crowd thinned out. Everyone enjoyed their time together representing Littleton High School as a whole. Freshman got their first taste of high school spirit and activities meanwhile seniors expressed their love for the family they call Littleton.

“I loved the bonfire,” said junior Mackenzie Weber, “It’s great to hang out with all of your friends!”

The bonfire went very well, allowing students to bond with each other and their peers.

“This was my first bonfire,” said freshman Morgan Corbitt, “It was really fun,”

When the fire was extinguished, the students waved goodbye to another successful day full of spirit.