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Senior team takes the win in boys volleyball

This afternoon, September 17, teams of all grades came out to participate in the annual boys volleyball tournament. The competition was fierce and things began to heat up as the games went on.

The junior team “Therry” started it off by defeating the the freshman “Buncha Bums” in a short game that left the juniors feeling optimistic about their skill and standing in the tournament.

“It’s great being out here. We’re having fun and playing hard. You can really see that people have been putting in the work during the off season”, said junior Sam Kail after team “Therry” had their first victory of the afternoon.

Next, the senior “Rowdys” took down the sophomore “Crushers” in a passionate and intense match. The sophomores walked off with their heads down and hearts heavy as they failed to make it further in the tournament. Coaches Katie Kellogg, Jae Banfield, and Samantha Sanson showed looks of disappointment as they watched the game slip out of their players hands.

One of the most heated matches of the afternoon involved the senior “Taps” vs. the senior “Rowdys”. In this match both teams played back and forth for the duration of the entire game. Senior Ben Horvat was a big scorer for the “Rowdys” but in the end it wasn’t enough to beat the “Taps”. Hannah Sandstrom made some close calls for both sides and the teams reacted accordingly. Both teams contributed to an argument involving a net call, the dispute became big enough to temporarily delay the game but all was restored quickly. The senior “Taps” walk away with the win and prepare for the finals.

“Volleyball is always fun and the competition was good and playing was awesome too. Overall it was a good time”, said senior Dylan Nickless.

The most exciting match of the afternoon was the finals between the senior “Taps” and the junior team “Therry”. Both teams of boys battled it out on the court for the ultimate title of volleyball champs. Missed serves and surprising dives kept the game interesting. In the end team “Therry” walked away heartbroken as the “Taps” won the game 13-15. IMG_0013IMG_0020IMG_9990IMG_0015