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Ultimate Frisbee gets first victory of the season against Colorado Academy

On September 17, the Ultimate Frisbee team won their first game against Colorado Academy with a score of 9 to 5. The game was very long and tiring for the players but they ended up scoring the winning point and getting their first victory.

“I feel like the team had a strong game today, we got up 7 to 1 in the first half but then the wind started getting worse and we were getting tired so it took awhile to get the last point,” said senior Kimberly Prete.

So far, the team hadn’t won any of its games and so this win is significant for the players’ confidence and it will affect the rest of their season. A lot of new frisbee players got to play in this game as well, giving them the opportunity to feel even more part of the team and to have more experience and confidence in the future games.

“I think now everybody has a better understanding for the game. Also Coach Mary Rosenberg has been gone for awhile and that has been a lot different because Coach Jon’s way of coaching isn’t the same,” said Prete.

The Ultimate team has been going through some changes in this beginning of the season but is now back as a really strong team that is ready to win many more games this season.

“I hope that we’ll become a better team in all aspects including playing the game and knowing all the people on the team. I think becoming more connected with all the people would make us a better team,” said Prete.

As the team goes forward into the season, the newcomers will become more integrated and the well-known connection and happiness of Ultimate frisbee will make it a great and unique LHS team.