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LHS takes another victory at the LPS Stride

Sunday October 23, many people from the Littleton Public Schools community came out at the break of dawn to participate in the Littleton Stride, the annual 5/10k. Families, students of all ages, teachers, dogs and volunteers were all there for the start of the races. The Stride is a large event that brings the LPS community together in friendly competition both with the race and with participation.

LHS students were drawn to the front of the Littleton Museum for a variety of reasons this morning. Students came to volunteer for IB CAS hours and NHS service hours, they came to run with their families and some even came to get out of running the mile in gym class.

“The Stride is always a really awesome event where the whole community can come together and do something active while raising money for a good cause,” said junior Emily Sanders.

Medals are awarded for top three male and female in both the 10k and the 5k races. Senior Tyler Fuller represented LHS well and finished first in the 5k race.

For many years, Littleton High School had been awarded a grant as a result of the most participation of all three high schools in the Littleton Public Schools district. In light of Littleton High School receiving the grant for many years, this year the competition instead was for the highest increased participation from last year’s race. Although the rules changed, LHS still came out on top and received the $1,000 Stride Grant.

The Stride has continually been an incredibly successful and popular event in the Littleton community, and this morning was no exception.

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