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Marching band finishes off best season yet

The LHS marching band has come a long way in a season filled with success, and on Saturday, October 24, it all culminated in their performance at the state competition semifinals. Although they placed 12 out of 12 and did not advance into finals, they got the best score at a semifinals competition in all of LHS’s history with a 69.34. Needless to say, it’s been their most successful season yet, according to director Don Emmons.

“They experienced success at every single event we went to,” said Emmons. “At the events where we had two performances, they showed huge growth from the earlier show to the later show. When they really wanted to, they could pull out a great performance.”

It is apparent that this success is not just luck. The show itself was chosen because of how well it fit the band’s sound and capabilities. Combined with dedication and intense time commitment- they started working on the show in May- they more than earned the results they attained.

“You could see the determination from the entire band. It was real inspiring to see everybody work so hard to get somewhere,” said senior drum major Nicholas Johnson.

For many, however, the biggest growth came in the community. Different shows have evoked different responses from the band as a whole, but this year specifically became more than just another show to them. As a result, they have come together more cohesively than previous years, according to many band members.

“It was more emotional this year, we all cared and were more passionate,” said senior color guard captain Ellaurah Ashby. “We’ve grown to being more compassionate to each other and becoming more of a family.”

Regardless of the success on a competition level, the band has grown and learned that if they apply themselves, anything is possible.This year included multiple recognitions of the senior drum majors Nicholas Johnson, Cami Shigaya and Kate McNealy, among the many successes at individual competitions. Although they will be losing a significant amount of seniors next season, this success will be a model for future band seasons to live up to, in the best way possible.