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Ping Pong Club at LHS

Did you know that Littleton High School has a ping pong club? Ping Pong Club meets every Tuesday after school in the cafeteria at 2:30; it is a place where students can have some fun enjoying the game of ping pong, without being too competitive.

Ping Pong Club was founded by and sponsored by math teacher Ilana Bellowe who enjoys playing ping pong herself. This club began when a girl in one of Bellowe’s math classes asked if LHS could start a ping pong club, and Bellowe was more than willing to sponsor it.

“It’s really fun, it’s really relaxed, you can just come whenever you want after school, and it gives you a good way to spend some time and meet some people and burn off some energy from your stressful day,”said Bellowe.

In addition to playing against fellow peers and classmates at school, LHS Ping Pong Club participates in other tournaments and events outside of school. Coming up shortly on November 17th LHS, Ping Pong Club is going to visit a senior recreation center for their next competition.

“We are going to take a little trip over there after school and play against some elderly people, so that should be really fun… I’m really excited about this so I’m trying to get more people to come,”said Bellowe.

Ping Pong Club will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) after school at 2:30. Any LHS students are more than welcome to come and play a loose game of ping pong.