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Desmos Graphing Calculator

Oh man! You forgot your graphing calculator at home, and you have math homework that is due first thing tomorrow. Luckily, there’s this thing called a “smart phone” that has multiple apps for each problem you have in your life. One app in particular is called Desmos Graphing Calculator.

This app is found free on many smartphones including IPhone, as well as online. You can very easily input all kinds of equations, and the app will graph them for you. You can even enter in multiple equations at once, and the calculator has the capability to graph each equation in a different color. Within this app, you can also choose the type of graph you want, in addition to changing the window so that it is easier to see each graph. Plus, you can go between degrees and radians which is really important for trigonometry. Additionally, this app will create tables and expressions for you.

Just like a regular, super expensive calculator, this calculator can do a multitude of things. The benefits of the Desmos Graphing Calculator app are that it can be on your phone or computer, and it is free of charge. Why not download it?

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Within the Desmos Graphing Calculator app, you can enter in equations and the calculator will graph them.

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The Desmos Graphing Calculator app allows you to choose your grid, your window, and your angle type.

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The Desmos Graphing Calculator app can also create a table or an expression.