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For True Style Just Add Water

When people walk outside on a rainy day their opinions can vary. Some could not be more thrilled about droplets falling all around them. Others…not so much. The past few days have definitely raised these different opinions from people. Whether or not you like the rain or not, it provides the chance to strut a new style.

Many don’t think of rain jackets as the most stylish things on the market, but why not? Rain jackets provide warmth, dryness, and the opportunity to express yourself. Some of the most popular brands tend to be Patagonia and North Face but the brand name doesn’t always mean style. No matter the brand, rain jackets can still add so much to a daily outfit.

The jackets come in an endless amount of colors and styles. You can choose to go with a classic black jacket, a purple half zip, one with a hood, or even a personalized one! Rain jackets allow people to express themselves in various different ways and can look good on anyone. They’re comfortable and loose fitting but still maintain a style factor.

Rain jackets also serve an extremely practical use. They just simply keep you dry. If you hate the rain, rain jackets are the perfect way to shield you from the unwanted wetness of the weather. If you love the rain, the jackets keep you warm while you dance outside or just simply admire the beauty of a storm.

“For me, rain jackets are incredibly practical, stylish, and they always seem to keep me at just the right temperature. They’re light so I hardly get too hot, but they also keep me warm in class and outside on a fall or spring day” said senior Tessa Rubinstein.

Clearly, rain jackets are found to be both practical and stylish and appeal to lovers and haters of rain. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to invest in one. If you already own one, you better keep it close by and be sure to wear it the very next chance you get!