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Improv club helps actors on scene and in their everyday lives

Today, like every wednesday, improv club meets in the backstage of the theater. This club, one of many at LHS, gives the opportunity to the aspiring actors to improve their reaction in case something goes wrong on stage.

“When you’re on stage and maybe you forget a line or something happens, it’s important to know what to do in that situation, just to keep on track” said senior Jacob Johnson.

Johnson is one of the most experienced in the club and yet he admits that often times, not everything goes right on stage and the skills taught in improv club can quickly become necessary to avoid panicking.

“Whether you notice it or not, a lot of the time on stage, things go wrong, and about every single one of those times I’ve used the skills I’ve learned in improv club to keep myself in the scenes” said Johnson.

When they meet, the members of the club learn from the more experienced actors, like Johnson or Nick Fyles, through different games, after which they get feedback and advice from these “veterans”.

“We basically just go in there and make scenes without any script, only using a prompt and it teaches people to be more comfortable without having any structure” said Johnson.

But while there is a lot of learning involved in the club, fun is also present often times and the members always have a good time during it.

“It’s a nice, friendly, positive environment and I made really good friends there; it’s like a mini family” said senior Keegan Cockerham.

Cockerham isn’t in an acting class, unlike many of the other members, but still participates in many of the school’s performing arts’ events, like the musical Beauty and the Beast last year so he is using the skills he learned in the club on scene but also in his everyday life.

“In everyday conversations, It just helps getting along in them, like if you’re not good at conversations, improve club weirdly helps you out and in social situations too, it builds your confidence a lot” said Cockerham.

Improv club will keep meeting on Wednesdays for the rest of the year and will help actors be more comfortable as time passes, both on scene and in any social situation they encounter.