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When is too old for trick or treating?

Who doesn’t love dressing up once a year, on an especially spooky night, to get free candy? Everyone has had a time in their life when they were filled with excitement at the thought of trick or treating. For some of us, that time is now. No one wants to quit the fun, but is it time to give it up?

Not just yet.

It is perfectly acceptable for high schoolers to dress up and have fun on Halloween! Many people (adults in particular) disagree with this, and think that kids should stop trick or treating around the tween ages of 12 and 13. If you think about it, you can understand their point of view.Who wouldn’t be apprehensive to answer the door for a big group of scary-looking teenagers? As teens, we tend to get a bad rep for supposedly being “hooligans” and “trouble-makers”. A few bad apples have spoiled the bunch, and apparently innocent activities such as trick or treating for the rest of us as well. In general, kids our age who want to continue trick or treating still have a pure motivation: candy-filled bliss. And let’s face it, kids whose intentions aren’t so pure aren’t wasting their time collecting candy alongside toddlers.

However unfair the general stereotypes of teenagers might be, you still need to keep them in mind. Let them serve as a reminder to be a respectful trick or treater. Mind your manners, and keep a curfew. No one wants to answer the door to give you candy late at night, especially if you are disrespectful and irritating. Also remember to be conscious of the tons of little kids who will be milling around you. Be cautious of them; you don’t want to run them over in your candy frenzy. And more importantly, set a good example.

So, for all of you anxiously waiting to trick or treat, enjoy! It is a great activity that is fun and satisfying, while it keeps you away from worse activities you could be partaking in. Just remember not to be a bad apple.