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Littleton Cafe: A neighborhood gem

Tired of the same old chain restaurants like Red Robin, IHOP and even (gasp!) Chipotle? Well, look no further than a good family run restaurant located at the corner of W Littleton Blvd and S Datura Street, just minutes from LHS.

Littleton Cafe is the perfect place to take anybody out to eat including picky eaters because they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner anytime! That right there should get you bursting with excitement to head to the cafe for an 8 pm breakfast burrito.

The restaurant opens everyday at 6 am, bright and early. It closes at 3 pm on Monday and 9 pm Tuesday through Sunday which gives you the awesome opportunity to have breakfast for dinner or even dinner for breakfast.

It is a great restaurant to bring groups of people like friends and family because there is something for everyone whether it’s a BBQ turkey sandwich in the morning or a craving for a cheese omelette and some hash browns at dinner.

Their desserts are also no exception to the anytime food rule. They offer the small restaurant norm, pie and ice cream of course, but the cafe has taken it a step further by creating a waffle sundae; a belgian waffle topped with ice cream, fresh strawberries and warm chocolate. Trust me, this dessert (or epic breakfast) is as delicious as it sounds.

And did I mention there is free wifi? Yep, it’s the ideal place to come before or after school with everything on the menu priced under ten dollars and a friendly staff making you feel welcome.

So for anything from french toast to fajitas, morning, noon or night, Littleton Cafe is the place to go.