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Del Toro releases another fantastic film

From the mind of the genius director Guillermo del Toro, comes Crimson Peak. In the past, del Toro has released excellent movies such as Hellboy, and Pan’s Labyrinth.

Like Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak has a dark and creepy plot. The story follows Edith Cushing, a young woman in America (Mia Wasikowska) who falls in love with a stranger from England, Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston). They then marry and return to Sir Thomas Sharpe’s home in England with his sister, Lady Lucille Sharpe. While living in the home of Thomas, Edith sees apparitions in the house and her physical and emotional state becomes increasingly worse. When Edith tells Thomas and Lucille of what she’s seeing and feeling, they deny it or brush it off. The entire film is based around Edith uncovering the mysteries of the Sharpes and their home.

Along with a great plot, the costumes, acting and the overall cinematography of the film were incredibly well done.

Despite the film being slow and dialogue heavy at some points (mostly in the beginning), the mystery of the Sharpes captures the audience throughout the entire film, and is well worth seeing.