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Start managing finances early by downloading Expensify

In high school, most of us are currently learning how to balance our money and save. Sometimes, finances can be tricky because we may or may not have a job, we buy random items every once in awhile, and the majority of us have not established budgets yet; few have a banking account to help keep track of the money gained and spent. However, we need to make sure we learn early on in life how to deal with money. Unfortunately, all those Chipotle, Starbucks, and King Soopers runs aren’t free, that’s for sure! A great app to help you remember each time you gain money or spend money is called Expensify.

Expensify is a free app designed for both teens and adults that allows you to record the amount of money (choose your currency) you spend on what. Expensify allows you to scan in receipts directly from your phone or tablet. Additionally, you can import a credit card (if you have one) and Expensify will automatically track your spending records, or you can simply insert data manually. Most high schoolers typically do not travel long distances alone, but in case you do, Expensify also has the capability to record travel itineraries. Finally, when individuals reach 16 years of age and obtain their driver’s license, they may need a way to keep track of the amount of gas purchased. Expensify enables you to insert distance and mileage rates, keeping track of gas expenses for you.

As you read this, you may be thinking, “Why in the world would I need this app? I still live with my parents!” Leaving the house comes quickly, and it is good to aquire previous experience dealing with finances before you are completely on your own. Do this the easy way and download the Expensify app.

photo (5)

This is the screen on which Expensify allows you to add a credit card for it to directly record spending.

photo (4)

This is the screen on which Expensify allows you to insert a report manually.



photo (3)

This is the screen on which Expensify allows you to add a travel itinerary.




photo (2)

This screen enables you to compile driving and gas finances, scan a receipt, insert an expense, or keep track of the time you work.